Coronavirus/ Covid-19

Psychotherapy Coronavirus/Covid-19

I am currently offering Face to Face psychotherapy sessions following a negative lateral flow test and as long as we are both symptom free (January 2022).


March 2020
With the rapid changes, social distancing and lockdown in reaction to Covid-19 I will also be offering Gestalt psychotherapy sessions through an internet platform, Zoom being my preferred platform. Alternatively I can offer Skype or phone.

If you don’t have Zoom I strongly suggest that you download it and explore it at before our initial meeting. You will be asked to sign up with your email and then be sent an email to activate your account, from there follow the instructions to set up your account.

I can email you an invitation to a Zoom meeting to start just before our scheduled Psychotherapy session so that you can have a chance to familiarise yourself with it. In the email there will be a link to download Zoom but as stated above I suggest you do that before our meeting.

I think that we all need to familiarise ourselves with different ways of making contact during these difficult times. We make sense of ourselves from the experience of being in contact with others and in this space we can begin to heal. Your support networks will be vitally important right now, however it is also natural (and necessary) that you continue to reach out, safely, to form new relationships that will help you to recover. We are in this together.


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